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Technical Information On Buffing Wheels

Buffing Wheel Arrangement In Combination with RIEPEŽ Release & Cleaning Agents

Buffing wheel adjustment

  • approx. 3° inclined to the board (vertical)
  • approx. 10° inclined to the support (if possible)
  • approx. 1400 rpm motor speed (if possible)
  • no oscillation
  • rotational direction in synchronous run

It is only possible to obtain an absolutely clean board edge in combination with the original RIEPEŽ release & cleaning agents when the buffing wheel makes contact over the entire width of the board and does not oscillate.

The buffing wheel must be inclined by approx. 3° to the workpiece, ridgid (no oscillation), applying only a slight pressure. Rotational direction in synchronous run to reduce heat development.

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