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Electronically Controlled Spraying Units

Arrangement of Spraying Units on the Edgebanding Machine

Release Agent Spraying Unit

Cleaning Agent Spraying Unit

Antistatic Coolant Spraying Unit

Edge Material Wetting

Spraying Unit for Contact Pressure Roller and Anti-Friction Shoes

Leading and Trailing Edges

Release Agent Application Via Roller

Buffing Wheels & Lamellar Wheels

Wax Application Unit

Spraying Unit for Contact Pressure Roller and Anti-Friction Shoes

Electronically controlled spraying unit for contact pressure roller and anti-friction shoe.

The fine nozzle of this electronically controlled unit applies a special release agent NFLYŽ to the contact pressure roller. The adjustable timed operation, i.e. 3 sec. spray duration, prevents glue from adhering to the contact pressure rollers.

The release agent is taken from the edge and transferred to the downstream contact pressure rollers or anti-friction shoes.

The contact pressure rollers and the anti-friction shoes remain free of glue residue. The anti-friction shoes are simultaneously cooled.

Result: A notably enhanced quality. Contact pressure rollers and anti-friction shoes need not be cleaned.

For POSTFORMING work, the special release agent NFLYŽ is sprayed directly on the top coat in front of the glide shoes. The release agent is transferred to the glide shoes to form a glide film. This prevents squeezed out glue residue from adhering to the glide shoes and the workpiece.

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