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Riepe® Products

Electronically Controlled Spraying Units

Arrangement of Spraying Units on the Edgebanding Machine

Release Agent Spraying Unit

Cleaning Agent Spraying Unit

Antistatic Coolant Spraying Unit

Edge Material Wetting

Spraying Unit for Contact Pressure Roller and Anti-Friction Shoes

Leading and Trailing Edges

Release Agent Application Via Roller

Buffing Wheels & Lamellar Wheels

Wax Application Unit

Arrangement of the RIEPE Spraying Units on the Edgebanding Machine

Arrangement of the RIEPE Spraying Units on the Edgebanding Machine

The spraying units only work maintenance free if used with these liquids which have been especially developed for this purpose. This is backed by our many years of experience. Both lacquer and stain can be used without problem on surfaces treated with our products.

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cleaning agent LP163/93 Release Agent LP113/03 Release Agent NFLY Antistatic Coolant LP289/99 Coolant WZG 12 Release Agent LP120/12 Release Agent TH97 Release Agent NFLY Release Agent LPZ/II