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Fabric-Sisal-Lamellar Wheels 3.1 Ratio

The fabric–sisal-lamellar wheels are brushes with a cast mounting core. The lamellae are composed with following ratio: 3 x fabric and 1 x sisal.

The cloth in the lamella serves to absorb the previously applied special cleaning agent LP163/93®. The sisal is used to polish the edge banding.

We strongly recommend to use these lamellar wheels for the copy buffing, to trim the corner. The use of the fabric-sisal-lamellar wheels while processing all types of thermoplastic edges in combination with the special cleaning agent LP163/93® leads to the following result:

  • Higher material density
  • Edge polishing
  • No stress whitening

The fabric-sisal-lamellar wheels are suitable for all types of thermoplastic edgings. In addition, they have a very long operating life.

The use of the fabric-sisal-lamellar wheels while processing thin edges leads to the following result:

  • Removal of the protruding edging material
  • Trimming of the edge band (smooth)

Available sizes:

Outer diameter: 140/160/190 mm
Width: 25 mm
Boreholes: 11/40/50/55 mm

(special sizes on request)

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