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Release & Cleaning Agents

Release, Cleaning & Antistatic-Coolant Agents

Release Agent LPZ/II

Release Agent TH97

Cleaning Agent LP163/93

Antistatic-Coolant Agent LP289/99

Release Agent NFLY

Release Agent LP113/03

Release, Cleaning and Antistatic-Coolant Agents

The spraying units only work maintenance free if used with these liquids which have been especially developed for this purpose. This is backed by our many years of experience. Both lacquer and stain can be used without problem on surfaces treated with our products. (Exception water based lacquer).

Release Agent LPZ/II®

Range of application: Top + bottom side of the workpiece
Container: 30 litres | 200 litres

Application of the special agent prevents emerging glue residue from adhering to the workpiece.

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Release Agent TH97®

Range of application: Postforming / Softforming / Hot zones
Container: 30 litres | 200 litres

When applied, this release agent enables the workpiece to pass through the hot zones without reducing the effect of the release agent.

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Cleaning Agent LP163/93®

Range of application: Before buffing wheels, cleaning brushes and manual board cleaning
Container: 30 litres | 200 litres

By the application of the cleaning agent in front of the buffing discs, the release agent applied before will be removed together with the loose glue residue.

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Antistatic-Coolant Agent LP289/99®

Range of application: Cooling of the glue joint, statically discharging of the edging material
Container: 30 litres | 200 litres

The edge banding material is statically discharged by the application of the antistatic-coolant, and the glue joint cooled at the same time.

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Release Agent NFLY®

Range of application: Pressure roller / sliding shoes / tool wetting
Container: 30 litres | 200 litres

Application of this release agent onto the pressure roller prevents glue from adhering to the pressure roller.

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Release Agent LP113/03®

Range of application: Edging material corner joint
Container: 30 litres | 200 litres

The release agent is sprayed onto the corner area of the glued on longitudinal edge to prevent the adherence of glue emerging in the corner as a result of the cross gluing process.

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