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Wax Application Unit

Wax Application Unit

The Riepe Wax Application Unit is designed for wax bars with a cross sectional measurement of 80 mm x 40 mm x 400 mm.

The specially developed products for this application, wax bar, wax application brushes, polishing wheels, wax remover and antistatic-coolant can be purchased directly from Adwood.


Automatic Wax Application Unit WZG Ref.# 1700
Hard Wax Bar RWR1770 Ref.# 1770
Wax Application Brush WZG 160/25/50 mm Ref.# 1714
Cloth Polishing Wheel WZG 160/20/50 Ref.# 1725
Wax Remover LP175/11 30 Ltr. Canister Ref.# 1670
Antistatic Coolant WZG12 30 Ltr. Canister Ref.# 1750
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