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Construction and line boring machines, shutter drills and drills for special applications – all specially designed for the 32mm system.

Detel, M13
The M-13 is our entry-level line boring machine for the 32mm system, designed for manual vertical drilling (from top to bottom). Equipped with a 13-spindle drill head (collet system M10, 30° / Ø 10 mm) and 32 mm axial distance the M-13 is as accurate as it is affordable, offering the same heavy duty precision as our 22, 29, 35 and 44 spindle machines. It also comes with 2 manual index pins, 2 spring hold downs and a 60" adjustable backfence with 4 stops.

Detel, MV23P
Single-line drilling machine designed for top to bottom drilling. Unbeatable quality and value. Standard features include: drill head with 23 spindles (collect system M10, 30 degree/0-10mm and 32mm on center), 2 manual index pins; 2 spring hold-downs and 60” adjustable backfence with stops.

Detel, M2H
A line boring machine you can get excited about! The heavy-duty M-2H features two 25 spindle boring heads which engage from beneath the panel to keep dust and chips out of the way. Each head is driven by a separate motor with Rotex clutch for smooth operation. Line bore separation, from 5 to 25 inches, is controlled by two separate digital readouts.

Detel, M22, M29, M35
The M-Series horizontal-vertical construction drilling machines are designed for the drilling of dowel construction elements. Drilling from below keeps the work table clean and drilling depth constant, eliminating time-consuming adjustments when you change to another panel thickness. Adjusts in minutes to drill vertically, horizontally or at any angle from 0 to 90 degrees. Comes with quick-change chucks for fast set-up and high-quality steel gears which guarantee a much longer life for the spindles. Available with 22, 29 and 35 spindle configurations.

Detel, HM37, HM74
The HM machines are designed for horizontal drilling of solid wood, composite and other nonferrous materials. Its 37/74 spindle configuration works with a predetermined center distance to accommodate the plantation shutter system. They have a 3.5" stroke, two indexing devices, vertical head adjustment of 2" and 3/6 hold down clamps. The machines come standard with an aluminum back fence and a semi-automatic cycle. It can be customized easily and affordably to your specifications with additional clamps, hydraulic brakes on the working cylinder, fully automatic drilling cycle and different spindle distances (19mm - 3/4"). Also available, the HM25 and HM62 with 25 and 62 spindle configurations.

Detel, KM-4/2T
The KM 4/2T dowel drilling machine incorporates linear bearing guides to provide easy set-up, accurate positioning and efficient processing. Thermally treated gear wheels and top-quality bearings insure smooth, precise operation as well as a long, productive life for your machine. The performance of the KM 4/2T is further enhanced by electro-pneumatic components which select the program sequence, detect errors and control movement of the furniture parts throughout the process.
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