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Edgebanders—precision performance in the final stages of production... achieving perfection has never been so easy or affordable.

Cehisa, Contour Series
The Cehisa Contour Series EP-C is a semi-automatic edgebanding machine with hotmelt glue applied either directly to the edgebanding or to the panel edge. This eliminates the extra costs and additional inconveniences of pre-glued bands. Automatic feed controlled by footpad and encoder, variable speed for ease of operation.

Cehisa, Mykro Series
The Mykro edgebander features an automatic roll cutter, LED control panel, PLC control, standard guillotine for cutting up to 2mm PVC from the roll and a nonstick coated gluepot. It has one station for top/bottom trim, high frequency (1200 rpm) trim motors, a fixed feed speed of 20 feet per minute and a 220 volt/1 phase electrical panel.

Cehisa, Mykro Plus
This edgebander has the same features as the Mykro base model above plus the addition of an end trim station and an open station for an optional straight scrape unit.

Cehisa, Mykro P-Plus
This model has all the standard features of the base unit with 3 stations: premill, end trim and top/bottom trim along with an open station for a straight scrape unit.

Cehisa, Bryko Series
The Bryko automatic edgebander features an automatic roll cutter, LED controls, PLC controls, and a standard guillotine for cutting up to 2mm PVC from the coil. The hotmelt glue pot makes cleaning easier with a nonstick interior coating. The Bryko has an end trim and top/bottom trim station with high-frequency (1200 rpm) motors, a fixed drag chain speed of 20 feet per minute and a 220 volt/3 phase electrical panel.

Cehisa, Bryko Plus
The Bryko Plus retains all of the standard features of the Bryko above and adds an additional station for Straight Scraping.

Cehisa, Bryko P-Plus
This model has all features mentioned above along with a premill station for a total of four stations.

Cehisa, Bryko PC-Plus
The PC Plus gives you the features of the Bryko base model plus 5 stations: premill, end trim, top/bottom trim, corner rounding and straight scrape.

Cehisa, Pro Concept Series
The revolutionary PRO Concept series edgebander makes owning an automatic edgebander affordable. The PRO Concept series is best suited for automatic edgebanding application with roll or strip material. Standard features include central top pressure and height adjustment, strip and roll feed magazine, end trim, top & bottom trim, buffing, digitals, high frequency motors and a Touch Screen Programmable Logic Control (PLC) unit.

Cehisa, System Series
Adwood's solution for the high level production environment: a heavy-duty machine for edge material application up to 5/16". All machine functions are controlled by a PLC and displayed on a LCD screen. The pneumatic positioning system allows you to switch between the set-ups of the machine without opening the hood. The SYSTEM machines can be installed in a basic standard layout or fully automatic, and can be outfitted to meet the specific demands of your operation.

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