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Casolin shapers, planers, jointers and moulders come with a formidable array of high-tech features as standard equipment. The wide selection of options is equally impressive.

Casolin, TS Planer
Casolin engineers and technicians developed the new TS double roller planer based on 3 main features: Design, Quality and Technology. The new technological solutions adopted are the most innovative currently available for a double roller planer. Despite the wide range of standard accessories, the price is still extremely competitive.

Casolin, F90
This 5-speed shaper offers precision and stability, even when machining heavy pieces. It offers high resistance to torsion and bending and superior oscillation absorption. Electronic controls make set-up easy and wood pieces of all sizes glide effortlessly over the F90's cast iron table.

Casolin, F90-K
The F-Series Casolin shapers are designed to meet all the demands of the 21st century woodworker. Their supporting structure is made of high grade sheet metal with pressure injected concrete. This uniquely sturdy frame reduces noise level and guarantees vibration free operation for outstanding precision under the heaviest applications.

The F90-K Shaper features the line's new work table regulation system, which allows you to set up in a fraction of time required by standard shapers. Electronic control of rotation by an inverter gives the F90-K a speed range from 900 to 10,000 rpm, which means it can be used for standard shaper tools, sanding bobbins or finishing wheels.

Casolin, F45 EVO Tilting Spindle
The new generation F45 EVO tilting shaper has been designed with special ergonomic characteristics that make it easier to use and provide a higher degree of positioning precision. It's modular construction allows you to customize the standard model in a wide variety of ways.

Casolin, PF530
Our new PF 530 DIGIT Surface Planer delivers the vibration-free performance you’ve been looking for. A unique composite of steel and concrete injected into the base gives the PF 530 a heavy, rigid structure. This solid foundation and the PF530’s electro-dynamically balanced shaft completely eliminate machine vibration, allowing you to work quickly and accurately - with greater safety and a lot less noise. Additional features: foot pedal for easy positioning of the feed table, and digital reading of the planing depth for even greater accuracy. PRISMA guard and self-braking motor come standard on the PF 530. Options include “TERSA” planer shaft, CENTRO FIX LEITZ shaft, mortising unit and motor upgrade.

Casolin, Mega 230/5-6 Plus
The Casolin four-sided spindle moulder has been designed with particular attention to general working principles. The result is a machine with a high degree of flexibility in the different operations associated with an easy use that facilitates the approach for the operator. The choice of processing methods and materials was made with a view to obtaining a high degree of precision of the finished piece and long life of all the parts.
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