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Superapid 401

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Edgebanding Hotmelts
We have a full line of edgebanding adhesives in both granular and cartridge form. They are formulated for perfect adhesion to PVC, melamine, resinated paper, wood veneer or solid wood strips. All types are available in neutral, white, black, brown and clear. Custom formulations are available for special applications.

Superapid 401 Hotmelt Cleaner
Perfect for cleaning your edgebander glue pot. Removes residue from interior of glue pot allowing you to run at the perfect temperature. Make this a part of your regular edgebander maintenance.

PVAc Glues
Tapes & Tools carries a full line of white glues for many applications from veneering to assembly. Please e-mail or give us a call with your particular application.

Glue Sticks
We stock regular and high strength glue sticks for assembly and packaging. They are available in 1/2", 5/8" and 2".

Dowel Capsules
Tapes & Tools capsules are pre- filled with fast set PVAc glue. Just drop in the plastic capsule, tap in the dowel and let the glue do the work. Each capsule contains the perfect amount of glue. Designed to work with 8mm dowels. Kiln dried Beech Dowels in 8mm x 38mm also available.

ViseTite Polyurethane Adhesives
ViseTite ™ polyurethane adhesives provide excellent holding power for a variety of surfaces, settings and uses. Ideal for wood, ceramics, plastics, carpet, veneers, laminates, tile, concrete, metal, stone styrofoam, brick — the list goes on and on — making it one of the most versatile glues on the market.

ViseTite ™ For general applications: 100% waterproof, so use it indoors or out, Ideal for kitchens and baths, too. Fast cure for precise hold. Fills gaps for uniform seal. Low foaming for stronger bond.

ViseTite Plus For even greater holding power: Minimal to no foaming for srongest bond. Clear, amber, invisible glueline. Exceeds ASTM D-2559 requirements.

ViseTite Paste  The proven sure-bonding ViceTite formula is also available in a lower viscosity paste. ViceTite paste cartriges fit standard caulking guns.
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