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Edgebanding Accessories
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Trim Knives

End Trim Tool


Stick Free 41

Edge Clamps
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Trim Knives
Tapes & Tools signature edge trimming knives will give you quick, clean edges on banded panels. Our knives are available for straight cuts and contour edge trimming. They cut cleanly in both directions on all types of materials.

End Trim Tool
B-39: If your edgebander does not have a flush cutting trim station or you iron on edgebanding, this is the tool for you. Cuts off edges flush. Just line it up and tap it down; the blade does the rest. Will cut all materials up to 1mm thick.

MC-2 Hot Air Edgebander
Our perfect machine for the small shop or on the job site. Plugs into any wall outlet and is so easy to use, anyone can be a master edgebander in no time. You can even use with PVC because the hot air won't distort or melt as heat is applied.

Stick Free 41
Special glue release formula is produced especially for Tapes & Tools. It keeps glue from building up on copy wheels, pressure rollers, trimming tools, and drag chains. Just spray Stick Free 41 on in the morning and you won't have to worry about build up.

FX-1 and FX-3 Edge Clamps
Heavy duty clamps designed for edgeclamping a variety of edging material to any type of substrate. Sturdy and dependable, just place them on your panel and turn the handle and the auto tightening jaws do the rest. They will not slip or scuff, even on melamine panels. FX-1 has panel thickness capacity of 1/4" to 1 7/8" and the FX-3 from 3/8" to 3 1/8".
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