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Sheet Veneers
Tapes & Tools carries a wide variety of sheet veneers in many common and exotic species. They can be ordered to your specifications with a variety of backers including 10 mil, 20 mil, 30 mil, wood backer and phenolic in sizes of 2x8, 4x8 and 4x10.

Veneer Tape
Seam veneers tightly together with this high quality adhesive paper tape for hand or machine application. Choose from 30, 40, and 50 gram tapes in a variety of widths. Both brown and white tape are available with glue on the inside or outside of the roll in 650 or 1300 foot rolls.

Veneer Tapers
Tapes & Tools veneer tapers are designed for easy hand-held application. Moisture is applied by a viscose sponge built into the taper. Front mounted rollers slide the veneers together for a tight seamless joint. The result is a clean job with no mess.

Casati Veneer Stitchers
These high quality tools are available in either 19 1/2" or 25 1/2" throat depth. Great for joining veneers together perfectly every time. They apply glue thread in a zig-zag pattern onto the substrate while self-adjusting rollers make sure the veneers are tight together. An infeed guide makes errors a thing of the past.

Veneer Thread
Tapes and Tools veneer thread is the strongest and smoothest on the market today. Designed for hand held and stand-alone veneer stitchers, they feature faster cool down times to create a better bond. They are available in our H-11 for hand-held stitchers and 910 and 921 for stand-alone stitchers. We also carry release agent, threading wires and replacement parts for stitchers.

VC-14 Veneer Cutter
This light weight precision tool will cut or trim veneers up to 1mm thick. Works well not only with the grain but also diagonally across the grain. Great for trimming overlapped sheets and preparing veneers for splicing. Reversible blade offers four cutting edges so your cutter is always sharp.

Glue Spreaders
Get rid of the paint roller. These light weight spreaders give great uniform application with little or no mess or waste. They are made in two sizes, a 7" aluminum or 5 1/2" plastic, both are easy to clean. A variety of rollers are available for different substrates and glues.

Glue Bottles
16 oz bottles are designed for easy application with either a ribbon or long neck nozzle. These handy bottles will eliminate the mess and waste on your glue bench.
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